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LAMONT’S MUSIC NOTES-DEC 15, 2019…AEROSMITH ‘DREAM ON’ FORTY SIX YEARS AGO AEROSMITH PERFORMED ‘DREAM ON’ ON AMERICAN BANDSTAND. TALK ABOUT BITING THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU. JOE PERRY WOULD LATER SAY HE DIDN’T REALLY LIKE THE SONG, BUT KNEW THE BAND NEEDED A BALLAD IF THEY WANTED TO GET RADIO AIRPLAY ! IN AN INTERVIEW STEVEN TYLER EXPLAINED THE MEANING BEHIND THE SONG: “It’s about the hunger to be somebody: Dream until your dreams come true. This song sums up the shit you put up with when you’re in a new band. Most of the critics panned our first album, and said we were ripping off the Stones. That’s a good barometer of my anger at the press, which I still have. ‘Dream On’ came of me playing the piano when I was about 17 or 18, and I didn’t know anything about writing a song. It was just this little sonnet that I started playing one day. I never thought that it would end up being a real song.” IT TURNED OUT TO BE AEROSMITH’S SIGNATURE SONG. THIS IS MY FAVORITE VERSION OF ‘DREAM ON’…I TEAR UP LIKE A BABY WHENEVER I WATCH THE VIDEO


photo thanks-Bobnjeff