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LAMONT’S MUSIC NOTES-APR 28, 2020…30 years ago today Guns N’ Roses lead singer Axl Rose married model Erin Everly.  The marriage lasted 27 days. Here is a summation of the marriage and a subsequent marriage from the Biography Channel website:

“In 1990 he married Erin Everly, who later claimed that Rose had shown up at her house, threatening to kill himself with a gun in his car if she wouldn’t marry him. The marriage was annulled in early 1991.  That same year he began dating supermodel Stephanie Seymour. They got engaged in 1993 but broke up soon after. Rose sued Seymour, claiming she assaulted him, and Seymour counter-sued, saying he attacked her and she grabbed him in self-defense. The case dragged on, but Rose ultimately settled out of court. Everly was called to testify during the case and filed her own suit against Rose for assault and sexual battery. Rose settled this case out of court as well.”
In December of 2003 Erin rid herself of all of her memorabilia from the marriage, auctioning off her personal items, including handwritten love letters, song lyrics, clothes Axl wore in videos, and the couple’s wedding video. When things were happy between the couple, Erin, along with all of the band member’s girlfriends made an appearance in the video of  “Sweet Child O’ Mine”.