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ZZ Top’s First Album Released Today in 71

ZZ Top’s First Album is the debut from ZZ Top, released on January 16, 1971.

Here’s ZZ Top live in an official video from their website (BTW, the video is and hour long, when I mean, ZZ Top in concert, I mean, ZZ FREAKIN’ TOP IN CONCERT )

Photo Credit: Alterna2

Rush Dropped 7th Studio Album on this Day in Music

The year was 1980 and Rush released their 7th studio album Permanent Waves. What a way to ring in the New Year !!! It spent most of the year at the top of the Billboard 100 Top Albums chart, peaking at # 4. Here’s RUSH performing in their hometown of Toronto, Canada. This is truly GREAT !!!

Steve Miller Joins Billy Joel Onstage at Madison Square Garden

RECAP: Evanescence at the Masonic in San Francisco

The first time I heard a metal band perform with a symphonic orchestra was back in 1999 when Metallica did it with the San Francisco Symphony. It was fresh and innovative back then, but tonight when Evanescence did something similar at the Masonic in San Francisco it was simply divine.

Singer Amy Lee began the performance with “Never Go Back” sitting behind a grand piano and singing acapella with the gorgeous soprano voice that she is known for. Then followed the drums, the strings, and it crescendoed with a full orchestra backing her up, including a beautiful harp that radiated from the side of the stage. Apparently, Amy told the audience, the band performs with a different group of local musicians every night of the tour and last night’s team was nothing short of spectacular. Read the full story and check out the exclusive photos here!

Photos by Louis Raphael (All Rights Reserved – Do not reproduce or alter in any way without written consent)

Led Zepplin thanked for not trashing the Whitehouse!

Led Zeplin

On this day in music on 2012 Led Zeppelin received a prestigious award from Barack Obama for their significant contribution to American culture and the arts. Dressed in black suits and bow ties, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page were among a group of artists who received Kennedy Centre Honours at a dinner event at the White House.

In his tribute to the band, Mr Obama said: “When Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham burst onto the musical scene in the late 1960s, the world never saw it coming.” The president thanked the former band members for behaving themselves at the White House given their history of “hotel rooms being trashed and mayhem all around”.