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A woman stripped off and put her underwear over her face after a Ukrainian shop worker refused to serve her without a face mask on. The unidentified woman was filmed on a security camera at a “Nova Poshta” post office in Ukraine. Reports say she came to the post office to pick up a paackage and entered the room without wearing a face mask, which is against the country’s current quarantine laws. After one employee asked the woman to follow the rules, she took extreme measures to make sure she got her package. In the video below, she is seen pulling down her jeans, taking off her underwear and placing them over her face. She put her jeans back on while keeping her underwear over her head. Even though the video doesn’t show it, the employee ended up handing over the woman’s package. A spokesperson told local media: “Our employee asked the woman to put on a face mask and even gave her one for free. But the woman refused to use it.” The company said they do not condemn the customer’s actions and are not going to report her to the police.