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Guy embarrassingly rejected and put in the friend zone on Let’s Make A Deal

Being placed in the friend zone is always awkward, but doing so on National TV? Extremely awkward.

Last week on the prom-themed episode of “Let’s Make A Deal,” a couple, or so we thought they were a not couple, were on stage talking to host Wayne Brady.

Wayne Brady asked the couple how long they have been together.

The guy said, “About six months,” to which the girl responded, “We’re just friends. We’re just friends and he wants — ” The guy quickly cut her off by saying “Can we not talk about this in front of everybody?”

The girl continued to laugh during the awkward silence from Wayne Brady and the audience, as the guy added, “It’s complicated.”

But the girl was quick to correct him once again and said, “I’m single, guys, I’m single,” shutting down the guy on national TV.

The poor guy seemed just as confused as the audience and said “What?” to her “I’m single” comment. At this point the guy was obviously embarrassed, the girl then tried to comfort her “friend” and said again, “Aw no, we’re really good friends.”

Clearly not the answer he wanted to hear in front of everybody.