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On Wednesday, Artie Lange‘s team tweeted that he’s in a long-term treatment program, but made no mention of the fact that he was actually busted for drugs that day.

On Thursday Artie Lange was remanded to jail in Essex County, N.J., on Wednesday night for possession of a controlled substance. He has yet to be released.

The same day, his team issued a statement that he was seeking help for his drug addiction.

“Excuse any show advertisements.. starting today, Artie will be undergoing a long term treatment program, he loves and respects his fans… updates coming soon.. and it’s time – TeamLange,” they wrote.

A rep for Lange had no comment; however, his team later tweeted, “The comments made by Arties lawyer have been taken out of context.. Artie was not arrested and sent to jail… they are holding him a few days to sober up before transferring him to a long term treatment facility, Artie needs us to be with him, not against him.”

Lange’s arrest comes after various comedians came forward and urged him to get help. In December, Lange appeared in a New Jersey court after he tested positive for cocaine — but was spared jail time for violating his probation.

The 51-year-old is serving four years’ probation for heroin possession and was ordered to apply to drug court during his appearance at state Superior Court in Newark.

“I wouldn’t be arrogant enough to come in here after using cocaine for two days,” he said during his court appearance. “It’s in my system and it shouldn’t be.”

Lange’s visibly misshapen nose is due to years of snorting heroin and cocaine, he previously tweeted.