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Please Help The Stone Foxes

Popular Bay Area Band, The Stone Foxes, got jacked!! After just starting their tour The Stone Foxes were traveling through Garland, Texas when their van, trailer and all of their gear was stolen! They’re working with the local police to try and locate their stuff but in the meantime we would like to raise money to help get them through this terrible situation and replace their gear so they can get back on the road and keep on rockin’! Unfortunately, their insurance won’t cover the loss so please give what you can. We know they appreciate the help greatly and have vowed to return any money they don’t have to use once they replace their gear.

Here is a message from the band….

On our way across the country playing music, we’ve had our van and trailer stolen outside of Dallas. The trailer contained nearly every piece of music gear we own and have been collecting throughout our careers. All of those instruments, amps, cables and pedals are the tools that we use to give 110% every night, on stage and in the studio. Our insurance can’t cover the incident, so we’re asking for your help to get us back on the road so we can do what we love most in the world, playing music for you.

It can be a very dark day when you wake up and realize that all of your beloved instruments are gone, in fact, it sucks. But all of the positive thoughts and well wishes have been incredible, and your uplifting attitudes have been a huge shot of love! All we want to is to get back out there, continue the tour, and keep playing for you with every ounce of passion and energy (and sweat) that we have.

We couldn’t make the music without you, and we can’t thank you enough for the support!

Click here to donate.

Stolen Gear List:

Vintage Fender Rhodes 73 key Mark 1 1200
X Keyboard Stand 200
Nord Electro 5D 73 key 2000
Fulltone Fulldrive Pedal 250
Fulltone Tremelo Pedal 250
Voodoo Labs Power Supply 170
Square Fuzz Pedal 180
Carbon Copy Delay Pedal 260
Vintage Fender Twin Reverb Amp 1400
Acoustic Speaker Cabinet 350
Amp Road Case 350
Wooden Box containing Pedals and Cables 70
Big wooden sign with lightbulbs and the letters “SF” 175
Drum set 5000
Drum Cases 250
Cymbals 2000
Harmonicas 1500
Cables and Mics 400
Phase 90 Pedal 180
T Shirts 2500
Vinyl 2000
Cds 2000
Drum Hardware 300
1979 Gibson es-335 guitar. Sunburst 2500
Violin bow- Rossi 350
Violin bow, johnsons 80
Zachman violin 2000
1972 Gibson sg1 guitar brown 800
Fender standard telecaster 700
Cigar box guitar 700
1979 fender vibrolux reverb 1700
Amp case 350
Pedal train pedal board w/ hard case 200
Voodoo labs pedal power 2 200
Boss tuner pedal 100
Green monster overdrive pedal 120
Boss blues driver 100
Full tone fat boost 130
Mxr carbon copy delay pedal 130
Catalin bread Kama sutra fuzz pedal 160
Boss dd6 delay pedal 130
Dunlop crybaby classic wah 110
Lr baggs paracoustic di 169
Boss ge 7 eq pedal 80
Electro harmonix micro pog pedal 200
Lefty Martin D-18V acoustic 2300
White Lefty Fender Stratocaster 1000
Milkman bass head 1299
Red SG bass 899
79 Fender pro reverb 1200
Roller amp case 350
Line 6 DL4 224
Chromatic tuner 99
Chromatic tuner 99
Toad fuzz 200
Micro pedal train 69
Pedal train 2 149
Pedal train cases 109
Voodoo Labs pedal power 2 199
Sparkle drive 129
Fat boost 80
Fender american jazz bass(sunburst) in 1500
Fender hard case 200
Fender telecaster(blonde) in fender hard case 500
Dw 5000 kick pedal 400
Gibson\ epiphone 70s acoustic in black case 300
Drum stick bag with sticks 100
Blue bin full of drumheads, strings, sticks, back up gear ect 300
2 guitar racks 200
SVT Bass Cab 799