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Poo Jogger Has Finally Been Identified

Remember the case of the “Poo Jogger” well now we know the identiy of the person who has been taking a crap in a neighborhood in Brisbane, Australia for a year. The Poo Jogger turns out to be a highflying executive. Andrew Douglas Macintosh, 64. Macintosh was taking a dump on a privately-owned foot path up to three times a week during his morning run.

A neighborhood team, led by a man called Steve, got together and vowed to catch the poo jogger. They found out it was Macintosh after a photo was taken of him in the middle of taking a poop.

Steve used an infrared camera to capture other images of the “Poo Jogger.” Plus, after a couple of weeks of waiting outside each morning, the neighborhood used a process of elimination to figure out the poo jogger’s route where he was running and narrowed it down to where he lived.

Last week Macintosh received a public nuisance charge but it was dropped when he agreed to pay a $378 fine. Macintosh’s neighbors don’t think this is enough and have also demanded a public apology.